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My name is Dr. Mathis Kennington, and I'm glad you're here. 

Are you looking for effective couples therapy? Is your marriage struggling with constant conflict, a lack of intimacy, or infidelity?  

I help couples get back to peace and connection by providing confidential, goal-driven, and competent couples therapy and marriage counseling.

How Can I Help You?

Dr. Mathis Kennington, LMFT-S

I specialize in treating couple conflict, and working with individuals and couples working through sexual health concerns. The first thing you can expect from me is a patient and compassionate, no-obligation conversation where I'll be honest about how I can help. Once the work begins, we'll work on rediscovering the passion and intimacy that makes relationships go the distance.

As an experienced clinician, I supervise and train the next generation of couple and family therapists in my role as Clinical Director with the Austin Family Institute, a mental health nonprofit with a 30 year history in the Austin community. I am the current President-Elect for the Texas Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, and I am an adjunct professor in St. Edward's University Master of Arts in Counseling, where I teach the University's only course dedicated to treating couples

My clients tell me that the hardest thing about reaching out for help is not knowing where to start or whom to call. I know I'm a stranger to you, but my hope is that when you are finished with my site, you feel comfortable enough to take a risk with me. I designed this site with you in mind. Please do not hesitate to call me with any questions you may have. 

512-329-5540 - 4407 Bee Cave Road, Suite 320, Austin, TX 78746

Looking for couples therapy that makes a difference? 

I help couples create thriving relationships for a vibrant and satisfying life.  Distressed couples  benefit from someone who understands how conflict prevents intimacy.  I help couples overcome conflict by creating change that lasts. Want to learn more? Visit my blog or call 512-329-5540 today.

I work with most couples in distress, but I am at my best with couples who feel like they are at their worst. Usually, this means couples who have been fighting a lot more than usual, couples whose conflict has finally reached a point where both partners have had enough, couples who have slowly drifted apart and are trying to get back to where they started, and couples who want long-term solutions to immediate problems. Not sure what service you need? That's okay, contact me today to discover what service is best for you.

For new couples:

Your care is in your hands. You may schedule a free 15-minute consultation or choose to schedule your first appointment. New appointments are at least 50 minutes long. I prefer that new couples start with a two-hour or ninety-minute consultation, however I know this is not realistic for everyone.  After our first appointment, we will continue with standard 50 minute appointments.

Call me today at 512-329-5540 to schedule an appointment or for a free 15-minute consultation.

Frequently asked questions

+ What can we expect from your services?

My approach to couples therapy is goal-driven. In your first session, we will work together to identify the goals you want to reach. Every few meetings, we will check-in to see whether your progress matches your goals. Once you reach your goals, therapy is finished. Everyone’s goals are different, but they usually involve reducing conflict, finding ways to communicate effectively, and increasing intimacy. You are the expert on you. I am an expert on relationships, how they break down, and how to heal them. Call 512-329-5540 to get started.

+ What is your background and training?

Around 80% of therapists work with couples, yet a vast majority of us have not been formally educated in couples therapy. Couples therapy is different from almost any other form of psychotherapy. For example, it is generally the only form of therapy in which the relationship may be on the line. Energy and emotions run high. My practice is built exclusively around the dynamic work that is rebuilding intimate relationships. I educate and supervise the next generation of couple counselors as an adjunct faculty at St. Edward's University, and as a state board approved supervisor. I earned my master's degree from the best systemic training program in Texas, and my Ph.D. from one of the top accredited universities in the country at Virginia Tech. If you need more information about my background, please don't hesitate to call me at 512-329-5540.

Do you need effective marriage counseling?

Are you knitting together a blended family? Is your marriage struggling after what seemed like years of a healthy marriage? Or are you approaching retirement and ready to strengthen intimacy in the best years of your marriage? My approach to marriage counseling is driven by experience and informed by evidence-based theories. Whether you want to enjoy the excitement of a new marriage or savor the best years of a  seasoned one, I can meet you where you are.

I specialize in marriage counseling with marriages that have been dealing with conflict for years, with married couples who have been keeping it together by a thread, and married couples who are battle-weary, considering divorce. When I work with married couples, I'm often competing with years of distress or conflict, and it takes time, experience, and patience to make a marriage work again. When I work with married couples, there are three clients in the room: two people and a marriage. I respect and admire the people, but the marriage is my passion.

FOR NEW Married clients:

Feel free to call me today or use the scheduling feature on my website to arrange a free 15 minute consultation. New appointments are at least 50 minutes long. Although I prefer that new clients start with a two-hour or ninety minute consultation; I know this is not possible for everyone.  After our first appointment, we will continue with standard 50 minute appointments.

Call today at 512-329-5540 to take advantage of a free 15 minute consultation.

Frequently asked questions

+ My spouse is thinking about divorce. Can you help?

This is one of the most difficult places to be in a marriage, and it requires experienced care. When I work with couples where one spouse is on the road to divorce, I use a process called discernment counseling, which was developed by Bill Doherty and his colleagues at the University of Minnesota. Discernment helps couples come to greater clarity and confidence about their decision making of the future of their marriage based on a deeper understanding of what has led them to consider divorce. It is specifically designed for couples in which one person wants to divorce and another does not. For more information aboud discernment, go to Call today for questions about how I can help.

+ We've remarried and our two families are struggling.

I grew up in a blended family. Both professionally and personally, I understand the benefits and difficulties of turning two families into one. I help parents answer tough questions like, “How much should I discipline my partner’s kids?” Both parents and kids benefit from marriage therapy when everyone can express their concerns in a safe environment. I work with couples to adjust to new boundaries, create a new parenting culture, and promote closeness and acceptance. Healthy intimate relationships promote child well-being across the life cycle. Start treating your marriage like the parenting resource it is.

Has infidelity created a crisis in your relationship?

"I never thought this would happen to us."

Despite that nearly 1 in 4 marriages experience infidelity, no one goes into a marriage prepared for the crisis that an affair introduces. I take a non-judgmental yet direct approach to treating infidelity. The first thing I will help you accomplish is the simple task of knowing what to do next, how to rebuild trust after an affair, and how to move forward. 

As adults, we build attachments to each other by creating secure bonds built on love and trust. When an affair breaks those bonds, it can feel like they whole world is different than it used to be before the infidelity was revealed. Whether you have recently told your spouse or partner about an affair, or whether you have recently discovered infidelity, finding competent help is a crucial first step toward healing. Don't wait to reach out for the help you need. Call today to discover how I can help your marriage or relationship recover from infidelity.

FOR NEW Couples:

If you're experiencing infidelity in your relationship, please schedule a free 15-minute consultation before we begin with an initial appointment. I usually prefer that couples schedule a two-hour initial session when infidelity has been recently discovered, however I know that may not be possible for everyone. After our first appointment, we can decide what scheduling needs you have moving forward.

Call me today at 512-329-5540 for a free 15-minute consultation.

Frequently asked questions

+ What should we expect from you?

In our first few sessions, we’ll identify your goals and potential solutions to create the changes you are looking for. I’ll direct you toward creative ways make positive changes a reality. Generally, marriage counseling flows through a process of discovery that reveals the purpose and function of conflict - including how to use it in healthy ways - building intimacy that deepens a relationship, and creating lasting solutions that keep you from having to come back.

+ How do you treat infidelity?

I treat infidelity as any act or behavior that extends beyond the boundaries of a relationship. First, I help couples stabilize any potential crises that the discovery provokes. In other words, I help you figure out how to do life. Next, I promote interactions that foster healing and recovery. I help you through the questions from a non-judgmental perspective. Finally, I help couples respond to the needs that the infidelity reveals.

Do you want more out of sex? 

Are you afraid that you and your partner aren't sexually compatible? Has sexual betrayal affected your relationship?

Sex is one of the most exciting, intimate, complicated, frustrating and passionate parts of an intimate relationship. If you've experienced a healthy and robust sexual relationship, then you understand the benefits of talking openly about fantasies, boundaries and desires. 

It's not always easy to navigate a sexual relationship with two people who value sex differently or who have different sex drives. Sometimes this difficulty leaves partners asking questions to which they have no answers.

How can I meet your needs when I feel so empty?

Why won't you respond to my desire for you?

It seems like our culture has no answers for sexual problems either. That's why sex therapy can help. I will help you discuss your fantasies, desires and frustrations in respectful and meaningful ways. The challenges you face can become adventures.

If you're not sure whether sex therapy is right for you, call for a free consultation at 512-329-5540.

Worried about confidentiality?

Some of my clients have very visible profiles. I take utmost care to uphold my clients' confidence. However, if you have special needs that require additional care to prevent exposure, please call me and I'll work with you to make special arrangements.

Are you concerned about your partner's or your own sexual behaviors? I help individuals and couples feel confident about sexual health and sexually healthy functioning. Contact me if you have questions about how I help people who experience sexual behaviors that feel out of control.


Frequently asked questions

+ How does sex therapy help?

Sex is life expressed at the crossroads of intimacy and vulnerability. You're never more naked than when you're naked. This creates an environment of great possibility and potential danger. Sex therapy is intended to demystify the challenges that people face sexually. We will address challenges like erectile dysfunction, sexual pain and low desire by connecting them to psychological and emotional needs in order to turn challenges into possibilites. After going through sex therapy, folks express gratitude for feeling free to express fantasies that they felt ashamed of. Others feel accepted for who they are sexually and don't feel compelled to be something they aren't. That's how sex therapy helps.

+ What kinds of relationships do you work with?

I proudly offer services according to the ethical code of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists. As such, I do not discriminate my care based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, ability, religion, or otherwise. I welcome and affirm all couples and relationship structures including polyamorous relationships. I am a KINK and BDSM aware therapist.

The first step to making a change is making a call. Call 512-329-5540 for a free consultation.

Insurance and Payment

How much does therapy cost?

A standard 50 minute session is $150. I schedule initial appointments in two-hour sessions, after which time we can decide together what length of time best suits your needs. Please contact my office for more information.

If you are not able to afford my fee, please still call. It is important to me that anyone who needs help should get help they can afford. At no cost, I will help direct you to someone who either accepts your insurance or works at a fee you can afford.

Do you accept insurance?

I do not accept insurance at this time. I collect payment at the time I provide services, and I can offer you a monthly superbill to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Please check with your insurance provider to learn about your out-of-network mental health coverage.

I am a certified Tricare provider.  Although I am not in network with Tricare, Tricare consumers who see me may receive reimbursement for up to half of their fees, depending on your plan. Please check with your Tricare provider for more information.