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About Me

My name is Dr. Mathis Kennington.

I am a licensed marriage and family therapist, a certified sex therapist, clinical supervisor, writer and educator. I specialize in couples and sex therapy. In fact, it's the only work I do.

I earned my Ph.D. in marriage and family therapy because I knew my life's passion was not only to create meaningful relationship change, but to help it last.

I help you create the change you may believe isn't possible.

I have dedicated my entire profession to the practice of couple and sex therapy. I supervise and train the next generation of couple and sex therapists in my role as a co-founder of The Practice, a counseling practice dedicated to evidence-based treatment. I was elected by my peers to serve as President for the Texas Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, Texas' largest professional community of licensed therapists. I am an adjunct professor at St. Edward's University's Master of Arts in Counseling program, where I taught the University's only course dedicated to couples and sex therapy

My clients tell me that the hardest thing about reaching out for help is not knowing where to start or whom to call. I know I'm a stranger to you, but my hope is that you feel comfortable enough to take a risk with me. Please do not hesitate to call me with any questions you may have. 

3811 Bee Cave Road, Suite 204, Austin, TX 78746 - 512-329-5540

What My Clients Say

“I was desperate to find someone who could actually help.”

We had been to a few different marriage therapists over the course of 3 or so years before finding Mathis and while I was desperate to find someone who could actually help us become unstuck and find our mutual respect and happy again within the marriage, I was also initially very hesitant and on guard given our past, very poor experiences with our previous therapist(s). We literally left our first appointment with Mathis feeling very hopeful and he has not disappointed us ever since.

Yogini G.

"We didn't want to look around, so we looked online and got lucky."

It's hard enough to reach out to a stranger for help, but it's even harder to reach out for yourself and someone else. We were struggling with some heavy and challenging issues and we needed some support. We didn't want to ask around, so we looked online and got lucky. Mathis has been more helpful than we could've hoped. I couldn't recommend him more.


"Our marriage has transformed."

We have been seeing Dr. Kennington for the past 6 months and feel our marriage has transformed. Dr. Kennington inspired meaningful dialogue between my spouse and I which then eventually developed between sessions. We were able to come to a better understanding of each other and our needs and how to balance that to create a happy family environment and satisfying marriage. Dr. Kennington is very down to earth, funny and relatable, and incorporated various impromptu therapy techniques which were appropriate for the topic all while backing it up with scientific proof and or personal stories. I went from feeling, hurt, discouraged and hopeless in my marriage to now feeling excited for the future and motivated to put forth the necessary efforts to ensure a strong sustaining relationship. 


“We are now thriving and happy.”

Dr. Kennington  helped my family and I through the toughest situation a family should ever have to endure.  If it wasn't for him,  I don't know that our family would still be together.  We are now thriving and happy.  I thank him with all my heart, and I don't know what we would have done without him.

Lorelle D.

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