What makes marriage counseling work?

Hiring a marriage counselor is like hiring a consultant. Just maybe some of the most important consultation you'll ever do. Are you knitting together a blended family? Is your marriage suddenly struggling? Or are you approaching retirement and ready to strengthen intimacy in your best years? My approach to marriage counseling is driven by experience and informed by evidence-based theories. Whether you want to enjoy the excitement of a new marriage or savor the best years of a  seasoned one, I can meet you where you are.

I specialize in marriage counseling with marriages that have been dealing with conflict for years, with married couples who have been keeping it together by a thread, and married couples who are battle-weary, considering divorce. When I work with married couples, I'm often competing with years of distress or conflict, and it takes time, experience, and patience to make a marriage work again. When I work with married couples, there are three clients in the room: two people and a marriage. I respect and admire the people, but the marriage is my passion.

FOR NEW Married clients:

Feel free to call me today or use the scheduling feature on my website to arrange a free 15 minute consultation. New appointments are at least 50 minutes long. Although I prefer that new clients start with a two-hour or ninety minute consultation; I know this is not possible for everyone.  After our first appointment, we will continue with standard 50 minute appointments.

Call today at 512-329-5540 to take advantage of a free 15 minute consultation.