How can couples therapy help?

In couples therapy, I help couples create thriving relationships for a vibrant and satisfying life.  Distressed couples benefit from someone who understands how conflict prevents intimacy.  I help couples overcome conflict by creating change that lasts. Want to learn more? Call me at 512-329-5540 today.

Couples therapy can help with things like:

I work with most couples in distress, but I am at my best with couples who feel like they are at their worst. Usually, this means couples who have been fighting a lot more than usual, couples whose conflict has finally reached a point where both partners have had enough, couples who have slowly drifted apart and are trying to get back to where they started, and couples who want long-term solutions to immediate problems. Not sure what service you need? That's okay, contact me today to discover what service is best for you.

For new couples:

Your care is in your hands. You may schedule a free 15-minute consultation or choose to schedule your first appointment. New appointments are at least 50 minutes long. I prefer that new couples start with a two-hour or ninety-minute consultation, however I know this is not realistic for everyone.  After our first appointment, we will continue with standard 50 minute appointments.

Call me today at 512-329-5540 to schedule an appointment or for a free 15-minute consultation.

Frequently asked questions

+ What can we expect from couples counseling?

My approach to couples therapy is goal-driven. In your first session, we will work together to identify the goals you want to reach. Every few meetings, we will check-in to see whether your progress matches your goals. Once you reach your goals, therapy is finished. Everyone’s goals are different, but they usually involve reducing conflict, finding ways to communicate effectively, and increasing intimacy. You are the expert on you. I am an expert on relationships, how they break down, and how to heal them. Call 512-329-5540 to get started.

+ What is your background with marriage therapy?

Around 80% of therapists work with couples, yet a vast majority of us have not been formally educated in couples therapy. Couples therapy is different from almost any other form of psychotherapy. For example, it is generally the only form of therapy in which the relationship may be on the line. Energy and emotions run high. My practice is built exclusively around the dynamic work that is rebuilding intimate relationships. I educate and supervise the next generation of couple counselors as an adjunct faculty at St. Edward's University, and as a state board approved supervisor. I earned my master's degree from the best systemic training program in Texas, and my Ph.D. from one of the top accredited universities in the country at Virginia Tech. If you need more information about my background, please don't hesitate to call me at 512-329-5540.

+ My spouse wants a divorce. Can you help?

This is one of the most difficult places to be in a marriage, and it requires experienced care. When I work with couples where one spouse is on the road to divorce, I use a process called discernment counseling, which was developed by Bill Doherty and his colleagues at the University of Minnesota. Discernment helps couples come to greater clarity and confidence about their decision making of the future of their marriage based on a deeper understanding of what has led them to consider divorce. It is specifically designed for couples in which one person wants to divorce and another does not. For more information aboud discernment, go to Call today for questions about how I can help.

+ We've remarried and our families are struggling.

I grew up in a blended family. Both professionally and personally, I understand the benefits and difficulties of turning two families into one. I help parents answer tough questions like, “How much should I discipline my partner’s kids?” Both parents and kids benefit from marriage therapy when everyone can express their concerns in a safe environment. I work with couples to adjust to new boundaries, create a new parenting culture, and promote closeness and acceptance. Healthy intimate relationships promote child well-being across the life cycle. I'll help you start experiencing your marriage for the parenting resource it is.