Keeping Intimacy Alive

Betty and Fred discuss what it takes to keep intimacy alive in a marriage across a lifetime.

In this video, Betty and Fred answer two important questions: 

1. What does it take to keep intimacy alive in a marriage?

2. What keeps couples from sharing the intimacy they desire?

Although we so often associate intimacy with sex, intimacy begins long before a couple reaches the bedroom. As Betty and Fred explain, intimacy is about connection and staying close. Betty explains that intimacy starts with truly listening. Fred describes how he listens by placing himself in Betty's shoes. 

Intimacy is also about keeping the little things alive in a marriage. Fred shares that even when doing simple tasks, he never forgets to tell Betty that he loves her. 

Relationship and marital intimacy are simpler than we think.

But when conflict takes over a relationship, we can forget to offer the simple building blocks of intimacy. Fred and Betty end their discussion by sharing how couples place shields in front of each other when they feel as though they are not safe, that their spouse or partner does not respect them, or if they feel hurt or rejected. 

Betty and Fred are an example of how staying vulnerable, listening to each other, and truly hearing each other keep couples close.

Dr. Mathis Kennington