How do you find a counselor or therapist?

What is the secret to finding a therapist or counselor you can trust?  Some of the best research on therapy examines common factors across different practice models like psychology, counseling, family therapy, and social work to determine what makes therapy successful.  As it turns out, the approaches various practitioners use don't make as much of a difference in your success as we may have once thought.  

Different therapeutic approaches lead to similar outcomes, so does your choice make a difference?  Will everyone be the same? Certainly not.  Each psychotherapist has her or his own style, and your success depends largely on two factors.  The first element is your relationship with your therapist.  Do you trust your therapist?  Do you feel that your therapist understands your concerns?  How do you feel when you see your therapist?  Does he or she get you?  Therapeutic change hinges on whether you and your counselor positively ally together against challenges like depression or anxiety.

You are an expert on you.  I am an expert on the science and the art of my therapeutic craft.  Change occurs only when both of us feel confident in each other's expertise.  If you feel that your therapist or counselor is not spending enough time getting to know you, connecting with you, and fully understanding your concerns, you may not find what you're looking for.  

The second element is your positive outlook on therapy.  Do you believe therapy and counseling can help? Are you skeptical? Are you attending counseling or therapy for someone else? Your parents? Your spouse or partner?  For this reason, I rarely see folks who really do not want therapy because change depends so much on your energy, expectations, and willingness to work.  

When you look for a therapist, find someone you believe that you can trust, someone who makes you feel comfortable.  Know what barriers might get in the way of your ability to feel confident with someone. What characteristics do you value? Age? experience? gender? education? My training and experience matter, but only to the extent that they act as bridges to your trust.

When you choose a counselor, find someone in whom you have confidence, and expect results.  If I can help you, please give me a call at (512) 329-5540 or email me at to discover whether we are a good therapeutic fit.