How do you heal from an affair?

"I never thought this would happen to us."

Despite that nearly 1 in 4 marriages experience infidelity, no one goes into a marriage prepared for the crisis that an affair introduces. I take a non-judgmental yet direct approach to helping couples heal from infidelity. The first thing I will help you accomplish is the simple task of knowing what to do next, how to rebuild trust after an affair, and how to move forward. 

As adults, we build attachments to each other by creating secure bonds built on love and trust. When an affair breaks those bonds, it can feel like they whole world is different than it used to be before the infidelity was revealed.

Whether you have recently told your spouse or partner about an affair, or whether you have recently discovered infidelity, finding competent help is a crucial first step toward healing. Don't wait to reach out for the help you need. Call today to discover how I can help your marriage or relationship recover from infidelity.

FOR NEW Couples:

If you're experiencing infidelity in your relationship, please schedule a free 15-minute consultation before we begin with an initial appointment. I usually prefer that couples schedule a two-hour initial session when infidelity has been recently discovered, however I know that may not be possible for everyone. After our first appointment, we can decide what scheduling needs you have moving forward.

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Frequently asked questions

+ What if we don't agree that there's been an affair?

We use all kinds of language to describe infidelity. At it's most fundamental level, infidelity is a violation of an agreement you made with your partner. Usually, disagreements about whether a partner had an affair or not is usually about semantics. Was there sex or not? Was it emotional or not? Usually, these disagreements just leave a hurt partner feeling gaslighted - a term we use to describe someone whose pain feels invalid. So first, I try to do away fighting over specific language use and be direct and clear about where an agreement was violated. Injured partners feel like their realities are violated and partners who have somehow violated their agreement don't feel like villains. We can actually get to work healing from the pain that we came here to deal with.

+ How do you treat infidelity?

I treat infidelity using evidence-based treatment models proven to help couples recover. They all follow a few complex steps. First, I help couples stabilize any potential crises that the discovery provokes. In other words, I help you figure out how to do life. I also help stop and "trickle" of information that keeps the trauma of the infidelity ongoing. Next, I promote interactions that foster healing and recovery. I help you through the questions from a non-judgmental perspective. Most importantly, we bring meaning to the experience by answering the question, "Why?" Finally, I help couples respond to the needs that the infidelity reveals.